Holy HOG



“I really enjoyed the ‘cue. I’m a bit of a brisket snob and this was top-notch brisket.”

“Everything is homemade, including the greens, which Danny serves with the stems (I dig the stems when cooked right. Danny cooks them right.)
We tried the corn nuggets (great), the fries (great), and the mac-n-cheese (also great).”
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“Would I go back? Most definitely.”

“Being in a neighborhood with a slew of other Cuban-style places, a barbecue joint seems to be a good idea. And I must say that I think his price points on the food were very good in relation to what you got.”
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“I fell in smokin’ love with the beef brisket ”

“…It’s pretty rare to have a mustard option on a BBQ menu, and I’d love to spread a gallon of this mustard sauce all over my… meat.”
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“Save yourself from barbecue boredom…”

“On our first visit to Holy Hog, the friendly guy behind the counter — everyone is friendly and courteous at Holy Hog — told us, “You’re about to eat some barbecue made by Cuban guys. We’re still working on it, but it’s pretty good.”
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“Good new BBQ in West Tampa”

“Lots of good options, HUGE pork sandwiches, sides rotate to keep it fresh and desert of the day. Gets pretty busy at lunch time, only open til dinner a couple nights a week. Parking is tight, might have to search, lot north of restaurant and side streets are options.”
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“fall-apart tender…”

“The brisket was fall-apart tender, some of the best I’ve ever had. The pulled-pork sandwich was outstanding and perfectly seasoned. The ribs will keep you in Barbecue Heaven.”
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“Nothing Like Holy Hog Barbecue!”
“PIG OUT in Tampa!”
“There is no other place like this!”
“It is very good!”
“The brisket here is A++!”
“The new best in town BBQ!”
“This is carnivore heaven.”
“Good barbecue. . . lots of variety!”
“Good lunch place!”

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